from the ‘businesses who try to screw me’ dept: Verizon Wireless (and the credit agencies!)

I can’t begin to describe how much I hate these folks, so I will save us all the trouble and go ahead with my story.

August 2002, I became a Verizon customer, this was against my better judgement, since I had been a customer back in the late 1990’s, but had left because of their poor customer service. At that time AT&T was my provider, but their phones weren’t cool and were expensive, so I decided to switch.

June-ish of 2004, I was a Verizon wireless customer, multiple lines, and one of the phones went bad. They wanted me to renew/extend my contract (which was almost up) to get a new phone. After much discussion and finally talking to the retention department, I was able to get a refurb POS Sanyo phone that didn’t extend my contract. Great! Life was good.

July-ish of 2005, I got divorced and needed to split my lines up, and since my contract was up, I decided to switch to Sprint at that time. I get a better corporate discount with Sprint, and the company I work for has a business relationship with Sprint and wants me to use them, so I drank the cool-aid and decided to switch. When I called up Verizon, I was told.. surprisingly, that when I received the new phone, they had renewed my contract! This is exactly oppsite of what I was told when I got the new phone back in 2004, but I figured this was easy to fix. So after much discussion, I was told that I could exit my “contract” without any penalties. Aside from the pain in the butt process, life was good.

March-ish of 2006, I started getting letters from Verizon stating that they were going to send this off to collection. I called several times and was eventually told that they would remove this.

July-ish of 2006, I was still getting letters, so I called again, and at this point, I had made well over a dozen phone calls, again I was told that there would be no issues.

Augist-ish, 2006, I received letters again, this time from a collection agency, I started sending letters to the collection agency and to Verizon telling them that I didn’t owe them any money.

January-ish 2007, This information appeared on my credit report. I sent yet another letter to Verizon, they sent me one back telling me to contact their customer service department. I sent them a letter telling them that I had already tried that and gave them a cease and decist.

April-ish, 2007, Received another letter, sent another one.

May-ish 2007, I received a copy of my credit report and realized that this information is STILL THERE, so I sent YET ANOTHER letter to Verizon wireless, and this time I disputed the charges with the credit agencies.

July 2007, I received letters from the credit agencies that my removal had been denied. I find this strange since I sent them copies of all of the letters I had sent to Verizon, time and time again stating that I no longer owed them any money and that they would need to stop this and leave me alone.


So now, here I am, with a “did not pay” on my credit report. The big 3 have denied my request to remove this from my records, even after providing sufficient information to prove that this shoud not exist and that it should be removed. I really hate the credit agencies, how can these companies that I have so little control over run so much of my life without me having any say in it? How can Verizon wireless continue their piss poor customer service and support and impact me even after I am no longer a customer?


To get some search info: verizon wireless, equifax, transunion, experian


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