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I love this story

December 25, 2007

I love this story. “Warning, Google gmail’s security feature leaves my business sabotaged”

Ahh, stupidity at its best. let’s see, I run my business from a free, no promises email provider, and I’m pissed when my stuff gets hacked. Wait! I think I’ll go whine and make an article about it! Yeah! That’s it! I did something incredibly stupid, and now it’s google’s fault!

What makes this even worse is that it is one of the top dug stories today. I guess that’s proof that the “coolness” of being a geek these days has caused all of the sellouts  to join. Oh well.


Pics Posted: Scotland and Ireland days 9 & 10

December 1, 2007

Here’s a link to the pictures. This is the last of them! 🙂

07_03_26_ireland_day9 550

Pics Posted: Scotland and Ireland day 8

December 1, 2007

I have posted pictures from day 8 of our Scotland and Ireland trip. Here’s a link.


07_03_26_ireland_day8 131