how you can get screwed on ebay (with years of experience)

To some folks this may not be a surprise, but to me, it was.

I have had the same ebay ID for years, and I have worked to protect my rating since I don’t sell much, so it was 100%. Recently I sold a CD player to a jackass off ebay, as soon as he received it, he emailed saying the box was trashed, shipping materials gone, etc, but would not cooperate and help get UPS insurance to cover the item. What this meant is that he wanted a refund straight up, without any proof or sending the device back, and immediately started the process out of the gate. My suspicion is that this guy is a scam artist, or maybe he changed his mind and didn’t want the CD player, honestly I don’t know or care, but because he wouldn’t cooperate, he left me bad feedback, and shipped me back this damaged goods, and Paypal gave him his money back (against my wishes, see the next post).

Here’s a link to this jackass’s profile.


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