why Paypal sucks

You can see from my previous post how I was screwed by ebay and a shitty buyer, but wait! there’s more!

I received payment via Paypal for this CD player. Everything went great, until the guy sent me the flaming email stating he was going to get a refund and that I had screwed him (by UPS damaging something during shipment, let’s not forget). Immediately I called Paypal, and reported what I thought may be a fraud attempt, this was “noted”.

Fast forward several days and he files a dispute, so I called responded, and followed up with a phone call to Paypal to let them know what was going on… again. Fast forward again several weeks and the guy finally shipped the cd player back to me. Of course, it arrived damaged, so I called up Paypal and reported this (as well as filled out the online form for this), and took the device in to have it evaluated for insurance payment. Several days later, I get an email from Paypal stating “if you don’t respond now, we will decide in favor of the seller”. Gee, that’s funny, I already called and told you guys what was up! So I called, again, and sent them a note through their fraud system, again. One more week passed and I got an email from Paypal stating they had decided in favor of the buyer… What? I still hadn’t heard back from USPS yet. I had updated Paypal every step of the way of my actions.

So in the end, I did everything right, I “protected” myself, I used Paypal, who are “reputable” and followed every step, dottet every “I” crossed every “T” and still they gave this moron his money back, and never even let me finish the process which they started.

Paypal, you guys suck.


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