Jay gets some new toys

In order to prepare for our upcoming trip to Russia, I have purchased a few geek toys to make things on the trip go better. (Hey, I needed an excuse.)

  • A set of Shure SE210 in ear “canal-phones”. This had to be done, I have disliked the factory Ipod headphones quite a bit. Used to, I had a nice pair of over the ears, but they were destroyed in a freak accident when I moved into my new house. 😦 These are to replace them, and will hopefully keep me from going crazy on the 15 hour flight to Russia.
  • Well, I started out my real digital camera photo hobby with a Nikon D70, after using it for a couple of years, I decided that I wanted to upgrade (side-grade I have had friends tell me) to a  D100. Mainly for the pro features of the X00 line. This has server me well, I guess about two more years, so I then decided that since the D300 is out, and all of the D200’s are hitting the streets at pretty low used prices, I would go ahead and pick one up. This camera is awesome, blows away my old D100.. not that I am surprised. The D100 did treat me (and others) very well though.
  • And of course with a new camera, you need at least one new lens, so I picked up one of the newish Nikon DX ED 55-200 lenses with VR. I haven’t even scratched the surface with this lens yet, but it is very nice. Pics look great and the VR really helps! I have kept the original “kit lens” from my D70. It’s a Nikon DX ED G series 18-70mm lens.  Again, pictures look great and I have zero complaints (other than that it doesn’t have VR, but for now, it’ll do.)

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