dell download manager – fail

I went to download from Dell’s website yesterday for some drivers for a server, and was clicking the download link and getting them really fast I thought.. that was until I realized that it was downloading some stupid download manager application and not the actual downloads. Quickly, I could not find a way to not use them, so I went ahead and tried one and… it didn’t work. So I tried another, no dice. Then I couldn’t find a way to not use the stupid things. I was stuck.

I found this post that explains how you get it and how to NOT get it.

This is the dumbest thing I have seen out of Dell in a while. It’s absolutely retarded to 1: require a download manager, 2: use one that just doesn’t work, and 3: make it so hard to opt out of the stupid thing. Very poorly done, Dell.

Here’s a post from Dell on the subject.


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