ssl diagnostics for iis7

I have spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why a client cert that’s send to our servers just plain out doesn’t work. We get a 403.17 when we shouldn’t. It’s maddening because all we can get out of IIS is the 403.17, and since we do not own the client cert, there’s no easy way for us to test. So we have to trust that our b2b partner has things set up right (we don’t think they do) and then wait 30-35 minutes in between requests for them to re-test. It’s maddening.

This post contains some good troubleshooting info and steps.

Here is a link to some info and a utility for mapping client certs, something that Microsoft inexplicably left out of IIS7. (Why?!)

Another tool I found during this whole process was the IIS7 ssl checker utility. It didn’t (hasn’t) helped our specific situation, but it is something that looks useful that I will save for future problems that will definitely come up.


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