Dear SCOM. You blew it

In case you weren’t aware, for SCOM to work against a non domain machine, all manner of certificates is required between the RMS and the agents in order for this to work. Not only is it required, but you have to use the fairly archaic tools provided with certificates, oh, and you will need your own certificate authority too. This is such a complete and utter #FAIL that I don’t really know where to start. Mainly my issue is that it doesn’t need to be this hard.. if someone wants to see the CPU time on my webserver, then by all means, hack in, but damn if I care enough to go through this level of work for it. And that brings me to my second issue, the shit just doesn’t work. Sure you could say this is a “rush it out the door” kinda thing, but this happened back in 2007 and there have been plenty of releases including an R2 version, yet still this useless and archaic process is still in place.

So in short, the SCOM guys failed by over-complicating something that isn’t needed, and then making it 10 times more difficult than necessary. FAIL.



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