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Microsoft, you HAVE to do a better job than this

July 21, 2010

Here’s an error from SCOM.

Performance data collection process was unable load SQL Server Authentication configuration information. Account for RunAs profile in workflow "Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.CollectPerformanceData", running for instance "" with id:"{81890C12-35B3-7AEA-C0FF-3EFCA7486E97}" is not defined. Workflow will not be loaded. Please associate an account with the profile. Management group "Access"

OK guys WHICH profile? Come on.. how hard is this? I mean I can guess, and I have, and guess what? It has one associated.


new toy – 91 Jeep YJ

July 20, 2010

I have had my Jeep for a few months now but just now got it to the point where it’s not stock and worth at least speaking about and showing pics of and whatnot. My cousin is Graham of Rough Customs in Acworth, GA (used to be in Cartersville) and he did all the fab work for me. The setup is all his design, using SOA up front so it would ride good and flex while staying more conventional in the back because of axle wrap issues. This is my first jeep and my first real off-road vehicle other than my mostly stock 98 F150. It’s been out on what Graham called “medium” trails and it does real nice. The tires stay on the ground and even open on both ends it’s made it up everything I have tried with very little drama, so I’m a very happy camper right now.

10_06_29_misc 083

Here are the specs

  • 1992 YJ, 4.0, 5 speed, 193K miles
  • 33×12.50 BFG MT’s on some random 15×8 stock Jeep wheels


  • Used dana 30 with 4.10 gears
  • lock right locking (duh) diff
  • SOA up front on stock springs
  • Sway bar on old shock mounts (plates flipped)
  • Custom shock mounts
  • Pro comp es9000 shocks
  • No track bar
  • all new urethane bushings
  • Longer brake lines


  • Ford 8.8 axle with 4.10 gears
  • RC 4” springs
  • Pro-Comp es3000 shocks
  • Big u joint in back
  • No track bar
  • Longer brake lines


  • Right now it’s low steer, and this setup is a little, ugh, weird to drive on the road right now. I have another D30 sitting in the back of the truck that has a high steer setup on it along with TJ axles (one piece passenger side), big outer u joints, and the hubs (WJ), brakes (WJ+explorer), etc to make it all work.
  • Longer shackles for the rear to even it out a bit are in transit (1.25” lift Rough Country boomerang shackles).
  • I need to make some sway bar disconnects. Taking them off with a wrench and a hammer is a PITA.

Here’s a link to some pictures I took during the build and afterwards.

And just for fun, here’s some video of Graham messing around in his CJ.

.net health monitoring

July 20, 2010

This is a little blurb I use almost everywhere for almost everything that will log all sorts of useful info about a .net app in the application log. It will grab unhandled exceptions as well as application lifetime events (app pool or domain restarts, etc.) This is a really good one to use when your devs won’t add this to the code themselves! It will work (or has for me) straight up in any .net code. All you do is place this in the web.config.

<healthMonitoring enabled="true">


        <clear />

        <!– Log ALL error events –>

        <add name="All Errors" type="System.Web.Management.WebBaseErrorEvent" startEventCode="0" endEventCode="2147483647" />

        <!– Log application startup/shutdown events –>

        <add name="Application Lifetime Events" type="System.Web.Management.WebApplicationLifetimeEvent" startEventCode="0" endEventCode="2147483647"/>



        <clear />

        <add name="Application Events" eventName="Application Lifetime Events" provider="EventLogProvider" profile="Default" minInstances="1" maxLimit="Infinite" minInterval="00:01:00" custom="" />

        <add name="All Errors Default" eventName="All Errors" provider="EventLogProvider" profile="Default" minInstances="1" maxLimit="Infinite" minInterval="00:00:00" />



SCOM 2007 R2 – workgroup/DMZ server notes

July 1, 2010

This is harder than it should be. Here are my notes on doing this.

1. On cert server go here: http://blah/certsrv/

2. request cert. choose type other and paste in the below OID

3. OID =,

4. Make sure to check key exportable. Make sure to use FQDN of server for name and common name.

5. Open up server mgt for certificate manager and approve.

6. Go back to website, install the cert.

7. Mmc, certificates for personal. Export the cert. make private key exportable.

8. Copy cert to client server.

9. On server do mmc for client, import cert, mark as exportable.

10. Run momcertimport on client, choose cert.

11. Restart system center manager service on client.

12. Wait a min and go to mom console, administration, pending management. Approve it.

13. Done!