scom and redirects to views

I am probably the only person on the planet doing things this way, but I want to document this anyway.

In the scom web console, I am publishing views for various bits of the business. Then I am using this procedure mentioned here. This is not perfect because you cannot save the way you want a performance view to look (which counters are checked) but it at least is a start. (Hello Microsoft! Please fix!) In order for the whole thing to be easily memorable, I create a url like http://weberrors, and this error contains… the website errors.

How I am doing this is pretty easy.

  1. On any server really with IIS (I use my scom server), I create a new website.
  2. For the site name I use redirect.weberrors so that I know what it is for (I have quite a few of these)
  3. Create the path inside IIS as c:inetpubredirect.weberrors
  4. for binding I use "http” and “all unassigned”, but you have to enter a host name, which is “weberrors” for my example
  5. once the site is created, click on it and look for “http redirect” on the right hand side.
  6. click “redirect requests to this destination” and input the URL you made from the link at the top of this post
  7. it is also important that you check “redirect all requests to exact destination”, if you do not, see the note at the bottom
  8. now the IIS part is all done, open up DNS for your domain
  9. create a new entry, CNAME and make “weberrors” CNAME to your IIS server
  10. once everything replicates, folks in your company will be able to type in “weberrors” in their browser and see the errors

This is a pretty simple thing and it makes navigating to specific spots in the SCOM UI much easier.


Note: If you do not check the box for “redirect all requests to exact destination” then when IIS redirects it will add an extra slash “/” to your URL. Scom does not like this! You will get an error:

  • Unfortunately the "Name of your view" view cannot be displayed.

All you have to do is what’s in step #7 above. That’ll make the redirects do their thing properly.



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