Dawson Forest, AKA Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory

I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist at heart, and I love stories about secret facilities and whatnot. Today I was reading the ajc.com and stumbled across an article that mentioned one, which lead me down this path of discovery. To be clear I don’t think there is really any conspiracy here, but it is interesting to know that a secret test facility is close.

This is the first thing I found that started this whole bit of research:


Dawson Forest is owned by City of Atlanta and is planned for a water reservoir or a 2nd airport:


Which used to be the site of the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory


This is a link to the history of the testing facility:


Another link to the history, summary basically:


Youtube video about the facility


Here are some flickr pictures about it (some very good ones):


Some more pics in this page:


Some dude’s blog post about it:


Some more pictures and a map:


AboveTopSecret.org link with a bunch of stuff:


Some videos from a guy who went there:


Facebook page about it:


Geocache site with some pics:


Link to a pdf about the radiation measurements:


Affect on pine beetles:


Time Magazine article on the pines:


Pictures (old ones)


More pictures from satellite:



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2 Responses to “Dawson Forest, AKA Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory”

  1. khump5 Says:

    In the early 70’s I visited the site not knowing what it was while riding motorcycle. It was blocked with a chain which was down so I rode in. I must have missed the no trespassing signs! First was a large tin building on the rightlike a hanger, with what I thought at the time was a very large parking lot. Tools were still lying around. A hammer wrench ect. Off to one side of the ‘parking lot’ was a at least 2 or 3 story yellow building with very thick walls. The building looked as it had been shelled. All of this was on the top of the hill.
    On down the road I came to an area that looked to have lookout towers, it was starting to freak me out a mite, by this time I knew I probably wasn’t to be there. A little on down the road was an opening large enough to drive a truck in going under ground. On signs anywhere. I shined my headlight in and could see the entrance went down hill and was flooded. I later learned this was the reactor site and water from the Etowah River was used for cooling.
    there were also tunnels large enough to drive a small car through running underground from the top of the hill to the reactor site. Today little can be seen, but I still can find the reactor site and I doubt if the yellow building was destroyed.

  2. Tim Ventura – Medium Says:

    Good info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by accident (stumbleupon). I have saved as a favorite for later!

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