Nikon D100 (and some D70) info

This is now my D100 page, used to be my D70 page but I upgraded from my D70 to a D100.

See my Photos

My Photo Gallery (not all D70 pics)

my website (lots of photos here!)

Me/My Camera
My main lens is the Nikon “kit” lens which is a nice 18-70mm lens

my 2nd favorite lens is a Nikon 28-200mm

Nikon’s product page on the D100’s D100 review
Places to talk about D100’s’s D100 forum’s Nikon SLR lens forum D100 forum Nikkor lens forum

Photoshop Tips

Photoshop for photographers

(must open in IE due to geocities)

Photoshop for Photographers, helpful Photoshop tips
Other Shooting tips

Ken Rockwell’s photo site. Lots of just good information here, and he’s a Nikon guy, too.

Non D70 Specific Ebook with high recommendations


Welcome to Nikon School

Nikon | The Roadmap to SLR Photography

Welcome to Nikon’s SLR Learning Center
Digital camera tutorials and photography essentials – DCVIEWS

My Nikon D70 Specific Info

I had a regular Nikon D70 that has the 2.0 firmware

I had 2 sigma lenses, but they don’t get used much

Review of my Sigma 100-300mm lens

Sigma 28-80 lens

Nikon’s product page for the D70’s D70 review


Nikonians D70 users group

DPReview D70 Forums
D70 notes

Pictures of D70 bags

D70 notes from someone on the dpreview forums.

Nikon remote info

D70 back focus information

Complete Nikon D70 Guide by Thom Hogan
D70 Classes

A D70 taken apart

Digital Secrets D70 Ebook

Nikon Rubber eye cap DK16

Universal Remote that works with the D70 info

Just purchased a RCA universal remote from Target, and got it to trigger my
D70. Use code 066 and you should get it to fire everytime.

Its a palm-sided remote. I can sit it on top of a dollar bill and still see
the sides and corners of the bill. The price was $8.99 / Model RCU404 /and
the Target SKU is 008000040.
Happy (remote) shooting!

The power button fires it.


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