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Dawson Forest, AKA Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory

September 21, 2010

I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist at heart, and I love stories about secret facilities and whatnot. Today I was reading the and stumbled across an article that mentioned one, which lead me down this path of discovery. To be clear I don’t think there is really any conspiracy here, but it is interesting to know that a secret test facility is close.

This is the first thing I found that started this whole bit of research:

Dawson Forest is owned by City of Atlanta and is planned for a water reservoir or a 2nd airport:

Which used to be the site of the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory

This is a link to the history of the testing facility:

Another link to the history, summary basically:

Youtube video about the facility

Here are some flickr pictures about it (some very good ones):

Some more pics in this page:

Some dude’s blog post about it:

Some more pictures and a map:,-84.16832%29&z=13 link with a bunch of stuff:

Some videos from a guy who went there:

Facebook page about it:

Geocache site with some pics:

Link to a pdf about the radiation measurements:

Affect on pine beetles:

Time Magazine article on the pines:,9171,895712,00.html

Pictures (old ones)

More pictures from satellite: